Your BVCFA Executive Volunteers for the

2019-2020 academic year are:



The president is the spokesperson for the Faculty Association (BVCFA) and is responsible for official correspondence to faculty members as well with the college executive. This position oversees the BVCFA employees and chairs all BVCFA executive meetings and general meetings. This position is a two-year term and is typically granted 50% release time from your BVC role.

VP Operations

Matt Kriz teaches English and Women and Gender Studies for the School of Community Studies. His classrooms see students from across the college’s career programs. Matt has been VP Operations since June of 2018.


The role of VP  Operations provides support to the Labour Relations Officer, shall carry out the President’s duties in their absence and is responsible for logistical strike preparedness. The time commitment of this role can vary but will typically require approximately 6 hours a month.

VP Negotiations

Phil joined the School of Technology team in spring of 2018 after 17 years of teaching graphics, media design and communications at both the college and university level. Phil holds a Master’s degree in integrated studies and Bachelor of Education in Arts. Additionally, Phil has worked as a freelance designer for both profit and non-profit industries. Phil has been a member of the BVCFA Negotiation Committee for nearly two years representing the School of Technology, later becoming Vice President of Negotiations this past fall.


This position is responsible for coordinating the activities of the Faculty Association Negotiations Committee. Reports to the Faculty Association Executive committee and general membership on matters related to negotiations and interpretation of the Collective Agreement. This position is for a two year term and requires approximately 10 hours per month (fluctuates depending on whether or not we are actively bargaining)

VP Professional Affairs

In addition to being our Vice President of Professional Affairs, Lindsay is currently a High School Science Instructor in the ATOL program in the School of Foundational Learning.


This role chairs the Professional Affairs Committee (PAC), and reports monthly to the Faculty Association Executive Committee and general membership on matters relating to professional affairs. This role is a two-year term and typically requires 10 hours per month.

VP Communications and Engagement

Dara is an instructor in the School of Global Access where she teaches Youth in Transition, an English and academic training program geared toward young adults. Dara has been at Bow Valley College since 2013 and sits on the Pride Week Committee and the Curriculum Review Committee for SGA.


The VP Communications engages faculty membership across multiple media (website, social media, newsletters and in-person), informing members of opportunities and inviting members to share their stories and successes. The VP acts as a liaison between faculty membership and the FA executive, sharing accomplishments and potential concerns. This position will often work alongside the Office Manager in matters relating to their role and in promotions of events. The time commitment of this role is approximately 10 hours per month.


In addition to being our Treasurer, Brenda is a Faculty Representative on the SFL Professional Development Committee, is the Secretary for the Professional Affairs Sub-Committee, and serves on the SFL Student Awards Review Committee


The treasurer position compiles budgets provided by the executive committee, presents, for approval, a preliminary budget to the executive and following, to faculty members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). This role will also present an annual financial report and the results of the third-party audit to the executive committee and to faculty members at the AGM. Alongside the Office Manager; will review financial transactions once every two months and annual preparation of financial reports, prior to the audit. This position is a two-year term and requires approximately 6 hours per month.

Past Executive


This position represents previous executive experience and will advise the current Executive Committee. This position chairs the election committee and is typically a one year term and normally following their term on the Executive Committee.

Board of Governors Representative


The Board of Governors representative is a faculty elected, non-voting member of the Executive Committee, pursuant of the Post-Secondary Learning Act and is recommended to the minister by the FA president and Board of Governors to serve as the Faculty Member on the board. This position will report to Executive meetings on deliberations of the Board as they affect the Association’s interests and will act as a faculty representative on the board, promoting Association and faculty interests. This position requires approximately 6 hours per month.

Academic Council Chair

Hi! I’m Jennefer, and you may have attended one of my presentations on Universal Design for Learning, a topic dear to my heart. I spent most of my childhood on a military base. My father was constantly deployed. Every couple years, I moved to a new place. I was lucky enough to have wonderful teachers who supported me through the difficult years. I was allowed to cry. I was allowed to get frustrated. I was allowed to have extra time on my assignments. I was allowed to write tests on the good days. I was allowed rewrites, and  I was allowed to work with a friend. I applied my UDL experience when I taught Samsung executives in South Korea, and I used it to  teach medically discharged soldiers and first generation learners in North Carolina.  Most importantly, UDL brought me to Bow Valley College. If you want to talk about UDL, please reach out.


This position is a voting member of the executive and reports updates on the Academic Council to the Executive Committee. This role acts as chair of Faculty Caucus on Academic Council and represents the Faculty Caucus on the Executive Committee. This role is a two-year term and has an approximate time commitment of 6 hours per month.

*All volunteer executive positions are entitled to a bi-annual honorarium in recognition of your efforts and generosity. Thank you!

*Some circumstances will require a pro-rated honorarium

In the office you’ll find our Labour Relations Officer, and our Office Manager! While Kim’s in office hours vary according to need, Lindsay is generally in the office 9:30 am – 2:30 pm Monday through Thursday (check the calendar for closures and changes).

Born and raised in Ottawa Ontario, Kim moved to Calgary in 1999. She has more than 16 years of experience in Human Resources and Labour Law and is responsible for assisting faculty members with employee grievances, labour disputes and the interpretation of labour law. Kim’s responsibilities also include negotiating agreements and collective bargaining.


Lindsay is the Office Manager for the Faculty Association and is always happy to help however possible. She is responsible for the day to day operation of the Faculty Association office and provides support as needed to the Association Members and Executives.