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Questions & Answers On Common Topics

General FAQ

We strive to advance and promote the academic and professional interests of our membership, both as a group and as individuals.

Our objectives are:

  • Act as the representative of Members of the Faculty Association in the negotiating, monitoring, and enforcing of the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Foster standards of excellence in learning.
  • Foster academic and social community among Members of the Faculty Association.
  • Advance and promote the academic concerns and professional interests of its Members as individuals and groups.
  • Liaise with external organizations.
  • Foster good relations between the Faculty Association, the College, the Board, and the community.
  • Promote the independence and freedom of academic thought and teaching.

Deal with any other matters considered by the Executive Committee to be in the interest of the Association or its Members.

You can get in touch through the form on this Contact Us page.

We are also available by phone at 403-453-0444. Generally, an office team member can take your call or return your message Monday through Thursday from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.

Due to COVID-19, the BVCFA office is currently operating remotely. Hours are reduced during the summer months.

We are available to discuss your needs anytime! If you have questions or concerns about your compensation, contractual obligations, or general challenges related to your employment, please get in touch with the Labour Relations Officer right away.

BVCFA Involvement FAQ

The BVCFA holds annual elections. Every spring, we send out a nomination request by email to our membership base. However, we may need to fill some vacant spots during the year.

To express your interest and discuss current opportunities, please connect with us by completing this contact form or click here to visit our current Executive Team and learn more about possible vacant positions.

We welcome any interest in the Faculty Association!

On average, 10 hours per month is a fair representation of the time commitment. Each Executive position has a different level of involvement depending on the role, year, and season.

Generally, Executive positions are a two-year term. For a complete list of Executive roles, accountabilities, and commitment details, click here.

Labour Relations FAQ

You can find a copy of the Collective Agreement here. There you will also find other helpful documents such as the BVCFA Bylaws and Constitution in our Resources section.
We recommend that all faculty check their pay rate at least once per year to ensure their compensation is reflective of their experience and credentials. Faculty can find information on rates of pay in the following sections of the Collective Agreement:

  • Section 38 Casual Employees – Rates of Pay

Section 39 Continuous and Temporary Employees – Rates of Pay

You should always speak to your supervisor first to obtain clarity and to identify any misunderstandings.

As per Section 12 of the Collective Agreement, the maximum working hours you should be working are 36.25 hours per week, 7.25 hours per day.
As per Section 37 of the Collective Agreement – Employees who work more than 36.25 hours are entitled to compensation for additional workload or over time.

Please discuss your hours with your supervisor and never commit to more than the required number of hours unless your supervisor has agreed to compensate you for it.

As per section 38.3 of the Collective Agreement, all causal rates of pay are inclusive of vacation and holiday pay.
Section 19 of our Collective Agreement outlines the grievance procedures. Reminder: To file a grievance, you have 10 days from the date upon which the act causing the grievance occurred. Or, you have 10 days from when you could have reasonably known the act occurred.
A grievance is a difference arising out of the interpretation, application, operation, or any contravention or alleged contravention of the Collective Agreement or as to whether any such difference can be the subject of arbitration.

Grievances are filed when the employer has violated or breached the Collective Agreement. Contact the Labour Relations Officer immediately if you believe there are grounds for filing a grievance.

The following information is collected when you file a grievance:

  1. The time and date of the event that led to the grievance.
  2. The name of the person the grievance is against.
  3. The name of the person filing the grievance.
  4. The current step of the grievance process.
  5. A description of the facts of the grievance.
  6. An indication of what parts of the collective agreement were violated.
  7. A proposed solution to the grievance.
If HR is present, we strongly recommend that you have faculty representation. Faculty Members are entitled to faculty representation in meetings that could lead to disciplinary conversations or conversations that breach the Collective Agreement. Regular operational discussions with your supervisor do not require representation.

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