Reading Week 2019

The following information regarding reading week 2019 has been released and can be found on MyCampus.

From the BVC MyCampus Website:

“Announcing Reading Week

Learner Success Services is pleased to announce the Executive approval of a Reading Week in each academic term for post-secondary programs at Bow Valley College (i.e., includes all programs in the Chiu School of Business, the School of Health and Wellness, the School of Community Studies, and the School of Creative Technologies), commencing in Winter 2019.

The Winter 2019 Reading Week is scheduled for February 19-22.  Student and campus services including Learner Success Services, Laugh ‘N’ Learner Childcare Centre, food services, and the bookstore will remain open.

This change was proposed to support learner mental health under the Government of Alberta’s Post-Secondary Student Mental Health Grant and with advocacy from the Students’ Association of Bow Valley College (SABVC).  Adjusting the academic calendar to include Reading Week supports Bow Valley College’s reputation as an accessible institution, demonstrates a systematic step to establish learner mental health as a priority in our community, and supports the academic success of learners.

Reading Week offers learners:

  • a wellness break;
  • time to study, catch-up, get ahead, and/or complete assignments and presentations;
  • an opportunity to remediate if needed;
  • a break from instructional days to alleviate the pressures of juggling the academic workload and work/life demands;
  • the opportunity to connect with family and friends;
  • the opportunity to connect with academic and/or mental health supports and resources;
  • the opportunity to participate in workshops and/or activities.

The implementation of a Fall, Winter and Spring Reading Week sets a strong, supportive tone for the College’s commitment to learner health and wellness. Dates for Spring 2019 are July 2-5.  Further Reading Week timelines will be communicated at a later date.”

The Bow Valley College Faculty Association would like to highlight to all members, particularly casual employees, the importance of ensuring that they are present in the college during office hours for student support as NO incremental holidays are in effect for reading week. Time sheets are to be submitted as normal (if applicable to your position).

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