Wise & Well session: Fostering a Sense of Wellness during the Pandemic

The Professional Affairs Committee (PAC) has hosted a very important Wise & Well session: Fostering Connection & Wellbeing during the Pandemic.
We have been living and working in this pandemic for more than a year and we recognize the need to continually foster a sense of wellness especially during these difficult times. Lindsey Fiebig, one of our own College counsellors, was the presenter.
Pandemic fatigue is a real thing; we have been following restrictions for over a year, and we still have an indeterminant amount of time until things go back to normal. This workshop focused on practical strategies to foster wellness, combat anxiety and negative thinking, and move you towards a sense of wellness and psychological health.

Here is the Sway presentation and recording:

Sway presentation:

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Recording: Wise & Well session – Fostering a Sense of Wellness During the Pandemic

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